AR-15 Customized

ar15 01

ar15 02

AR-15 with custom flash hider, keymod rails, tango down style vertical grip, magpul ladder rail covers, magpul xtm rail covers, magpul pmag, aimpoint t1, magpul mbus style sights, tango down style pistol grip, and magpul moe stock along with a condor plate carrier.

Pala Missions Promo Video 2014

Another old project I did a while back. I was on the Pala Native American reservation and I decided to help the missionary teams there by creating this promotional video. The children there are great and the missionaries that volunteer here are following the Great Commission. I hope that the missions team continue to grow and spread the love of Christ wherever they go.

Old USC Film Submission: The Serve

This was an old short film I created when I was in high school. I was applying to USC’s School Of Cinematic Arts and this was my short film submission. I did not get accepted to USC but I had a great time with my friends and my tennis coach while making this film. The story follows a young and ambitious tennis student who must overcome his inner battles in order to be the player he truly wants to be.